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Everyday Ethics: Cutting Corners

At Republic Services we are Driven – we deliver results in the right way.  This means we are all expected to act ethically and make the right choice – every day, every time.

But sometimes we encounter situations where we might feel like we have to cut corners to get things done quickly.  It’s important you don’t compromise our integrity in these situations. The Company’s expectation is that every employee performs their job responsibly; and never cut corners to achieve a goal. We are all responsible for making the right choice, in every situation, even when it takes additional time or effort.

If you are ever faced with an ethical dilemma, report it to your manager, another member of management, your HR partner, the Legal Department, the Ethics & Compliance team or the confidential AWARE Line.


Want to learn more or have questions? Review our Business Code of Ethics and Conduct, or reach out to

We love to hear about employees who made the right choice when faced with an ethical dilemma, you can email your story to and it may be featured in a future communication.