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Ethics Week Trivia and Scavenger Hunt Winners

Thank you for supporting this year’s Ethics Week, which focused on “Everyday Ethics” – highlighting the everyday ethical decisions we make for our stakeholders – which include our people, customers, communities, and environment. During Ethics Week, trivia questions were posted daily, giving employees the chance to win a $100 gift card to the Company Store. We received over 1,200 entries! Check out the daily trivia answers and winners below:

Day 1:
Q: On what page of the Code of Business Ethics and Conduct is “Everyday Ethics” first mentioned?
A: Page 6
Winner: Abel R.

Day 2:
Q: What pages of the Code of Business Ethics and Conduct highlight living our values for our people?
A: Pages: 16-21
Winner: Michelle M.

Day 3:
Q: On what pages of the Code will you find “Living our Values for Our Customers and Suppliers”?
A: 29-33
Winner: Elvira J.

Day 4:
Q: Where in the Code can you find information on being a good neighbor?
A: 51
Winner: Bradley S.

Day 5:
Q: On what page of our Code will you find information on Climate Leadership?
A: Page 50
Winner: Jeri H.

We also organized an Ethics Week Scavenger Hunt, asking employees to find the clue and share how they demonstrate ethics for our stakeholders. With over 200 entries, five lucky winners were randomly selected and will also receive a $100 gift card to the Company Store:

Jennifer C.
Rolando F.
Jeff A.
Nick K.
Patrick F.

Congratulations to all our winners! Thank you for helping us promote and celebrate our highly ethical and compliant culture. For questions regarding Ethics & Compliance, please contact the Ethics & Compliance team.