Ethics Awareness Week Starts Today!

Hello Team:

I am excited to announce our first-ever Ethics Awareness Week.  Ethics is a big deal around here so it’s only right that we take time to celebrate it. It’s up to all of us to maintain our highly ethical culture and that’s why we chose the week’s theme to be “We’re All In This Together.”

Each day this week there are planned activities to bring even more awareness to the importance of ethics and compliance – and to highlight how ethics and compliance play a key role in our daily jobs.

All employees can participate in Ethics Awareness Week by visiting Blue Nation Online for information.  Look for the events calendar here with links to daily materials.  There is also a daily trivia question for a chance to win a $100 voucher for the Company store (see below for today’s trivia question).

Today is the week’s official kick-off, with a video message from Catharine Ellingsen, our Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, to introduce the week and activities.

Below is a brief overview of each day’s topic and activities (and remember to come back to Blue Nation Online every day this week to access the materials):

Tuesday, June 8 - Ethics Matter:  View the “Ethics Matter” video where I have a chance to interview Catharine Ellingsen on the importance of acting ethically and responsibly. You will also have an opportunity to meet the Ethics & Compliance team and learn about available resources for ethical decision making.

Wednesday, June 9 - Your Voice Matters:  A Q&A with Sumona De Graaf, our Chief Human Resources Officer, provides insight into our Speak Up culture and the Company’s “Be Heard, You Matter” commitment.

Thursday, June 10 - Leadership Matters: The Ethics & Compliance team hosts a panel featuring Republic leaders to discuss what it means to be an ethical leader and the importance of demonstrating ethics in our daily activities.

Friday, June 11 - Wrap-Up:  Jon Vander Ark, our President and incoming CEO, will share a video message reminding us that ethics is part of every job every day and that “We’re All In This Together.” Also, we’ll announce our lucky trivia winners!

We encourage you to participate in Ethics Awareness Week – and we hope you find it informative and engaging!

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions regarding Ethics Awareness Week or any ethics-related issue at

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