Employee Volunteers in Philadelphia Focus on Clean Up After Protest

Our employees joined dozens of local residents to help clean up the city after this weekend’s protests following the death of George Floyd. Volunteers brought garbage bags and brooms to help clean up the Kensington and Aramingo areas.

“The areas surrounding the city blocks we cleaned up were hit hard,” said General Manager Anthony S., who helped with the cleanup. “As we walked through city, many residents came out to thank us. Several people driving by honked their horns in gratitude.”

Anthony was born and raised in Southwest Philly and has a deep passion for the city he grew up in. “I felt it was important to reach out and volunteer to help in any way we can. Special thanks to all who came out and to those who stayed back to run the divisions.”

“Sometimes it has to get dark in order to see the stars. This is such an unfortunate time we are witnessing. It may be hard to understand for some, but for others it may be all so clear. Please continue to care for each other. Be safe everyone!!” - Anthony S.

Republic Helps Downtown Anaheim Prepare for Protests

The Anaheim community came together to serve the city they love. Thank you to our local BU for helping protect local businesses on Monday, June 1. Employee Ron J. was one of the many volunteers assisting with the effort and ensuring that every business was left unharmed.