Employee Self-Service Center Saves You Time

One of the biggest advantages of the Employee Self-Service Center (ESC) is that you can submit ticket forms, track progress and find answers on your own! This can be a timesaver and increases your efficiency, so you can get your work done.

If you’re one of those people who don’t like talking on the phone (it’s an introvert thing!), or just like the convenience of self-service, then ESC is for you!

Submitting a ticket form through ESC ensures that all the information the support team needs to process your request or resolve your issue is captured right away - so you’ll save time by not having to go back and forth providing additional information or documentation. This results in your request being fulfilled or issue being resolved more quickly.

Additional time-saving benefits of submitting a ticket form through ESC include:

You can browse through the Catalog of Ticket Forms by clicking Submit a Ticket, then you can filter by catalog or just look through the different categories.

If you don’t have time to browse the Catalog of Ticket Forms, you can search right from the ESC homepage, and ticket forms relevant to your search terms will come up in the results. (For example, in the illustration above, Sarah would use the search term “Webex” to find the specific form requesting a Webex account.)

If you don’t see a form specific to your request/issue, simply use the generic Report an Issue or Ask a Question form. Then, the support teams will work with you to ensure they have all the needed information.

New ticket forms are added all the time – so if you don’t see it today, it might be there next time. If there is a ticket form you think should exist that currently doesn’t, you can submit a ticket using the Report an Issue or Ask a Question form to request that a new one be created.

Visit the Employee Self-Service Center today at republicservices.service-now.com/esc.
Also, click here for a quick guide to navigating the site.