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Employee Reece D. Opens Home to Ukraine Family

A family of four from Ukraine have found a loving place to call home for a while, thanks to Municipal Sales Manager Reece D. and his family. Last month, Yuri Kalmazan and Albina Smykovska and their two young girls arrived in Utah, traveling 8,500 miles through eight countries – a journey that took nine days. With only a suitcase and little backpack, they left their extended family and business behind.

Reece and his wife Michelle were featured on Fox 13 News. “Everyone speaks the same language in the end and that’s love,” said Michelle. And Reece added, “However long they need to be with us, we’re here for them.” Watch the full interview below:

As the situation in Ukraine continues to unfold, our thoughts are with all those who have been impacted, including our employees who may have loved ones in the region. Please support colleagues who may be experiencing a difficult time, let them know you care, and encourage them to use our Employee Assistance Program if needed. And if you’d like to support the people of Ukraine through this time, several nonprofit organizations are on the ground helping save lives, including American Red Cross and UNICEF. You can give to any of these organizations directly from your paycheck or your credit card through our Employee Giving Program.