Employee Kyle R. Writes Children’s Book During Pandemic

What started as a make-believe bedtime story for his young kids turned into a published children’s book! Area Routing Manager Kyle Rawleigh never aspired to be an author – it just kind of happened. In an interview with WJON in Central Minnesota, Kyle said his book, titled “Chronicles of the Unicorn Kingdom: Saving the King” was originally a story he told to his kids over several nights before bedtime. His girls loved it so much that he decided to write it down and thought about turning the story into a keepsake for the girls as a gift.

Kyle shared the story with a few family members who were so impressed that they encouraged him to publish it. Fast forward seven months, and you can now find Kyle’s book on Amazon, Target, Walmart and Barnes & Noble! Learn more on Facebook by clicking here.

Amazon Book Description:

When three young girls who are living a very normal life in Minnesota try to find a way to save their dog, they find themselves in a very not normal situation. After some odd advice from their unicorn-crazed friend, they end up two worlds away following a unicorn who can barely remember his own name. With a lot of humor, courage, and a bit of magic, they set out to save their dog but wind up leading a revolution to save a world they never knew existed.