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Employee Hadi C. Takes Heroic Action to Help Others

Environmental Manager Hadi C. was on his way to work at the Carbon Limestone Landfill in Lowellville, Ohio, when he witnessed a head-on collision, with a mother and her 4-month-old baby trapped inside their vehicle. While others had stopped, Hadi was the only one at the scene to take action. He took it upon himself to crawl through the truck to pull both the baby and the mother out of the vehicle. Thankfully, the mother’s injuries were minor, and the baby was unharmed.

When asked what made him take action that day in such a dangerous situation, Hadi said, “I put myself in their shoes, that could easily have been my wife and child in that car. I have always had a sense of wanting to do good and help others.”

“Hadi showed leadership and courage to step in and help the victims of the accident while others watched.  We are very proud of Hadi and his selflessness to help others regardless of the situation,” said Robert C., General Manager – Youngstown. “Thank you, Hadi, for all you do at work but more importantly for setting a great example and serving your community.”