Earth Day Every Day: Our Sustainability Goals

There’s only one planet we call home, and as an environmental services company, it’s our job to protect it. We do this in so many ways every day – serving our customers, operating our recycling facilities, creating renewable energy, and the list goes on. We’re committed to protecting our planet so that it is viable for generations to come.

With Earth Day around the corner (April 22), it's a great time to celebrate our Company’s commitment to sustainability and keep laser focused on our responsibility to keep our communities clean in a safe and environmentally responsible way.

In 2019, Republic Services unveiled a set of seven ambitious, long term goals we refer to as Our Blue Planet®: 2030 Goals. Our goals are designed to significantly benefit the environment and society while enhancing the foundation and profitability of our business for the long term.

All of us make a difference every day toward accomplishing these goals. For us, Earth Day is Every Day. From best-in-class operational standards to moving toward an electric fleet and reduced emission collection vehicles, Republic is driving change to protect our planet.

To read more about Our Blue Planet: 2030 Goals, please download and read the 2019 Sustainability Report at