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Durability Through OneFleet

OneFleet, our best-in-class fleet management system, has been instrumental in delivering excellent service to our customers since 2011. Prioritizing safety, OneFleet ensures we adhere to consistent core principles and processes. As a company, managing our fleet is vital to providing an excellent customer experience.

OneFleet is based on several non-negotiable elements as well as Six Pillars. The non-negotiables include:

  • Work Done On Time: 100% compliance of quality preventive maintenance (PM) + 20 hours of next progressive service within sequence.
  • Quality Work: All identified repairs (excluding out-of-service repairs) completed within 15 calendar days (All repairs meet or exceed published guidelines).
  • By The Book: 100% Vehicle Condition Report (VCR) compliance by the end of the next business day.
  • Recorded On Time: All Dossier data the next business day.

The Six Pillars provide a complete framework of systems, tools, processes, and support elements to achieve fleet management excellence.

  1. Preventative Maintenance – A consistent PM program ensures timely repairs and quality through regular spot checks.
  2. Planning and Scheduling – Improve shop capacity and productivity by introducing maintenance planning, scheduling and standard best practices.
  3. Workplace Organization – Optimize workplace layout and organization to reduce waste and boost productivity based on each site’s unique footprint.
  4. Repair and Quality Training – Establish standard work procedures and times for common repairs.
  5. Driver and Ops Best Practices – Introduce standardized driver practices.
  6. Parts Management – Manage inventory – including external vendor management – to improve parts availability, reduce waste and lower costs.

This year, more than 200 Fleet Maintenance Managers and Supervisors completed the OneFleet training program, which was refreshed and rolled out with monthly classes starting in January 2023.

Using the same standards across the country ensures the safety and reliability of our fleet. Click here to view more about our OneFleet program.