Driver Will B. Wows Young Fan in Fort Collins, CO

When Will heard how much 7-year-old Logan loves garbage trucks, he went out of his way to say hello and make a connection with the young boy. Here’s an excerpt from a social media post written by Logan’s mom …

My son Logan simply loves garbage trucks. He would get ready and go outside with his iPad to record the truck coming every Wednesday morning, rain, snow or shine. He would always get a wave from the drivers, but when Will became our new driver, he actually talked to Logan! This simple act of kindness was enough to get Will a fan for life and give a little boy something to get super excited about every week.

Every week, from the start, Will took the time to talk to Logan and show him how everything on the truck worked. He even gave Logan everything he needed to look just like his new friend and mentor! Logan wears his vest EVERYWHERE. He never leaves home without it.

Will, thank you! You are an amazing man and you have a friend for life in Logan and a mom who forever appreciates your kindness.

Thank you, Will! You are a Republic Rockstar!