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Driver Tommie W. Saves Woman Trapped Inside Burning Car

Large Container Driver Tommie W. is a hero after he risked his life to save a stranger trapped inside a burning car near Atlanta. He was traveling on route to his next customer when he saw an accident that just happened. He was the first person on the scene and jumped into action! He parked his truck a safe distance away and ran to a car that was already on fire. He approached the vehicle and saw the seat belt was wrapped around the driver. He quickly removed the seat belt and got the driver out of the car. While Tommie was walking away, he could feel the heat from the fire and turned around to see the vehicle was fully engulfed. After getting the driver a safe distance away, he was able to get her in touch with her husband. When EMS arrived, Tommie was still by her side and relaying information from EMS to her husband.

Tommie’s courageous actions made all of the difference!