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Driver Sadie Following in Dad’s Footsteps

Residents in the City of Corvallis, Oregon, celebrated the retirement of Driver Mike K. last month with notes of gratitude attached to containers along his route. Mike retired on July 14, after 31 years with Republic Services. On his bittersweet last route, he had someone special along for the ride – his daughter Sadie, who has just completed her CDL and was trained by her dad to take over his route.

We had a chance to ask the father-daughter duo a few questions about their experience of training together and keeping Republic Services in the family.

Mike: What are your plans for retirement?
There is a lot of Oregon my wife Tami and I want to see that we’ve never been to. So, we will RV a lot. We also both like to hunt, fish and spend time outdoors. I’ve been really blessed in my life to have a great family and friends.

Sadie: What’s it like getting trained by your dad? What do you enjoy most about driving for Republic Services, so far?
Driving with my dad has been exhilarating! I am tremendously honored, absolutely humbled by and completely grateful for this long-term career opportunity working for Republic Services.

Mike: Do you have any advice for Sadie as she begins her career?
Show up early and get a feel for your day. Prepare yourself, finish the task at hand and love what you’re doing. Go out and service the public and know most of them are watching, so present yourself well no matter how hard it might be at times.

Sadie: What do you think made your dad so successful at his job? Are there any tips he’s provided that will help you be successful?
Qualities that made my dad so successful at his job: Always planned ahead; always punctual; proficient; 100 percent committed to his family; outstanding customer service.  As far as tips he’s provided me, not by words, but by his positive leadership in action.

Mike: What was it like to see all of the encouragement and gratitude from the community on your last day on the job?
The last three days before retirement, the gratitude came out! I was a bit shocked. I’ve always taken pride in being happy with customers and leaving the neighborhoods cleaner than when I got there. I’ve really always tried to be my best.

Mike closed out the interview with a note to his leadership, Ops Supervisor Cole B., Ops Manager Darren D., and General Manager Brett D.:

“You will always be close to my heart – the best this company has or will ever have. You’re always welcome at our home.” Sincerely, Mike  

The Corvallis division looks forward to having another Kibble on the team for the next 31 years!