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Driver Nick G. is Hero of the Day in Dunn, NC

While Residential Driver Nick was on route last month, he saw a woman who had fallen on her driveway. That’s when he sprang into action. He approached the resident and asked her if she needed help. He then slowly got her up and into her house safely.

In a note of thanks, the resident said that she realizes Nick’s time is valuable as a driver, but he didn’t care how long it took. His mission was to make sure she was safe and taken care of. She went on to say, “I could have been out there for hours had Nick not done what he did. He is my hero of the day!”

The customer had multiple fractures in her arm due to her fall but is doing well and is incredibly thankful for Nick’s actions.

“Nick comes to work every day with a positive attitude and great sense of humor. We are all very proud of him and grateful that he is on our team.” – Joe D., Operations Manager