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Driver Mike C. is Child’s Hero in Tampa, FL

Five-year-old Ezra loves garage trucks! He’s formed a special friendship with Driver Mike C. and recently got a big surprise when Mike presented him with a Republic Services truck replica. In a note of thanks, Ezra’s mom wrote:

 “It was such a sweet experience watching Ezra get his new garbage truck from one of his heroes. Ever since Ezra has been very little, trash day has been his favorite day! As soon as we hear the trash truck coming, we race outside as fast as we can. Oftentimes, some of my other four kids will come out too just to watch Ezra’s excitement.  So, the day the garbage man actually got out of the truck and came out to meet Ezra was an incredible day! That was the first time we met Mr. Mike. And ever since that day, he gets out of the truck every Tuesday and Friday to talk to Ezra, the other kids, and me. We have gotten to know Mike a little and have so appreciated his kind heart towards Ezra. He even put a picture Ezra made for him up on his dash one day.  He is a one-of-a-kind man with a gentleness and kindness that quickly becomes apparent. We always try to be home on Tuesdays and Fridays, and somehow, the days we are not home are just not the same.”

Thank you, Mike for going the extra mile. Your kindness is top-notch!