Driver Kurtis N. Gets Kudos in Boise, ID

Every week on trash day, a little girl waits on her couch looking out the window for Driver Kurtis N. to pass by her house. Kurtis takes the time to honk and wave – making the little girl’s day. Recently, the girl’s mother reached out to thank Kurtis for these small acts of kindness that mean so much to her daughter. Here’s an excerpt from the letter:

“My 3-year-old daughter loves Tuesday trash day! She waits on the couch looking out the window and the minute she sees the big blue truck, she jumps up and asks to go outside. She waits patiently for the truck to come up the street. When it gets to our house, she does the cutest little wave. The driver Kurtis waves back and makes sure to give her a little honk before he pulls away. Thank you for making trash day the highlight for my daughter, you are amazing!”

Kurtis has been with Republic since December 2017 and takes great pride in his work. Thank you for making a difference in your community!