Driver Jay S. Is A Lifesaver in Sterling, SC

If you’re a regular reader of Blue Nation Online, you’ve seen countless stories of our drivers going above and beyond their daily duties to help residents in distress and truly make a difference in people’s lives. Today, we bring you a story out of Sterling, Illinois, and recognize Driver Jay S. for helping to save a teen from jumping off a bridge.

Last month, Jay and his family were traveling home over the 1st street bridge when he saw what appeared to be a person hanging off the railing of the bridge. Jay immediately turned the car around to travel back over the bridge as his wife Jody dialed 911. With the 911 dispatcher on the line, Jay asked if he could get out and talk to the person until the police arrives. The answer was yes, please!

Jay got out and approached the 19-year-old who was crying and he told Jay that nobody cared. Without hesitation, Jay told him he cared, and then continued to listen as the young man became more upset. The teen released his grip and pushed back from the railing. Without concern for himself, Jay lunged forward, grabbed him, and held him firmly against the railing until the police arrived to help.

“Jay came into work and never mentioned a word to anyone. Jay’s wife could no longer contain how proud she was of her husband for jumping into action without concern for his own safety in order to help another human being. When asking Jay about what happened, Jay said he did not think anything of it at the time and that he knew his purpose in life was to be at that spot at that time to assist this young man,” said Kevin N., Division Manager.

Jay has since reached out to the teen since this incident to let him know he still cares about him.

“Jay started with Republic Services in January, and has done a great job running our largest residential route in the Dixon Division. His attitude and character mirror his actions. Jay is our Republic Services of Dixon HERO!” Kevin added.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is a United States-based suicide prevention network of over 160 crisis centers that provides 24/7 service via a toll-free hotline with the number 1-800-273-8255. It is available to anyone in suicidal crisis or emotional distress.