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Driver Howard B. is Commended for Stopping Attack on Local Resident

Earlier this year, Driver Howard B. intervened to stop a violent assault against a woman who was being chased by a man in the street. He not only prevented the man from further harming the woman, he also appeared as a witness at trial, where the defendant was found guilty of assault charges. The judge, in delivering the verdict, referred several times to the clarity and credibility of Howard’s testimony.

In a letter of recognition, Special Assistant U.S. Attorney wrote, in part: “I hope Howard does not encounter such an incident again, but I am glad he was there and that he was able to testify. His conduct has truly been a credit to himself, his family, and the community.”

“Thank you, Howard for standing up for a victim and embodying Republic’s values,” said Lisa M., General Manager.  “Not all superheroes wear capes; they may not possess superhuman strength or be able to fly.  But what each superhero does possess is a big heart, a care and concern for others and the willingness and ability to act when they see a wrong. Washington Metro is beyond blessed to have a superhero in our ranks.”