Driver Chauncy Makes Garbage Day a Great Day!

Driver Chauncy J. has a new friend in Prairieville, LA. Great job!

A customer on his route took the time to recognize Chauncy and the important role he plays in Kash’s life:

“Garbage Day is the BEST day for this dude. Nine times out of 10, when the trucks come by, he’s outside on the driveway with the biggest smile on his face. Today, we happened to miss the big blue truck go by... but when we got home, Republic had left a gift for Kash on our front porch. His day is MADE! Thank you to that amazing truck driver for thinking of this little dude. I’ve got tears in my eyes thinking of how amazing some people are.”

Thanks, Chauncy, for showing our customers – big and small - how much we care!