Donor Feature: Why I Give

As we continue our Month of Giving, it’s inspiring to see so many of you supporting the charitable organizations that mean so much to you – including Republic’s own Employee Relief Fund. The Employee Relief Fund was created after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina impacted many Republic employees in the Gulf Coast region. Employees expressed a desire to help those in need, leading our leaders to create the Employee Relief Fund. The Employee Relief Fund is 100% supported by employee donations and provides financial assistance to our people who have been impacted by natural disasters.

Roger C., an operations manager in Dexter, MO, has been with Republic Services for 32 years and is a dedicated donor to the Employee Relief Fund. We asked him a few questions to learn why giving to the fund is so meaningful to him.

Q. How long have you been a donor to the Employee Relief Fund?
A. Since it was rolled out (2005).

Q. Why did you decide to give to the fund initially?
A. Because I love to help people when I can, and I thought this was a great way to feel like a bigger part of our company.

Q. Have you personally seen the impact the Employee Relief Fund has on our coworkers?
A. Yes, I have. One of my coworkers had a house fire and lost everything. He wasn’t a donor but received some much-needed help.

Q. Why do you think the Employee Relief Fund is a worthy cause to support?
A. I think it’s great that our company cares enough for its employees to offer the Employee Relief Fund. We are the Republic Family. We take care of each other – that’s what we do.

Thanks, Roger, for making a difference for your fellow employees!

If you’d like to make a tax-deductible donation to the Employee Relief Fund or any charitable organization you choose, visit the Employee Giving Portal or Workday! Everyone who participates in the program between September 1 – 24 will have a chance to win Company Store swag, with winners announced September 29! Visit the portal, create a profile and give any amount to your favorite charitable organization to be eligible.

“The Republic Services Employees Relief Fund is a reflection of our employees’ generosity for wanting to help other Republic employees in times of need. Today, the Employee Relief Fund continues to grow and acts as a helping hand to serve our Republic employees around the country. I am grateful that I have been able to contribute to the Employee Relief Fund since its inception and very much encourage others to consider the fund as a way to support Republic employees during a time of crisis.”

- Lang H., Business Integration