Defining The Republic Way

You may hear The Republic Way referred to as many things. The way we train employees. The way we give back to the community. The way we communicate with customers. But it’s not any one of these things.

It’s important to understand what The Republic Way really refers to and why it’s so critical to achieving our vision to be America’s preferred recycling and waste services partner. Simply stated, The Republic Way means doing work the right way, consistently executed, every day. It’s all about operational excellence and delivering the best experience for our customers. The Republic Way: One way. Everywhere. Every Day.

To better understand The Republic Way, we have to understand our customers. When our customers think of us, they see us as a service provider. That puts us in the same category as companies like Nordstrom or McDonalds who are champions of consistency. To be that champion, these companies have solid, consistent processes that ensure every customer receives the same experience no matter their location. Same food quality. Same ordering process. Same appearance. Consistency has become a hallmark of these top brands, and customers keep going back because they know what to expect, and those expectations are fulfilled, virtually every time.

It’s this consistent, high quality service to all our customers that creates the differentiation needed to be America’s preferred recycling and waste services partner. Route Complete is one example of how we’re implementing The Republic Way. Route Complete is about driving excellence and consistency across our operations and making sure drivers follow a well-defined process for servicing our customers. For small-container drivers, delivering on our customer promise includes always closing lids and gates, cleaning up spilled waste, completely emptying the container, resolving blocked containers immediately, and providing service within a 2-hour window, among other defined processes.

As we head into the new year, we will continue to be guided by The Republic Way – ensuring consistency with every interaction.

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