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Cybersecurity Tips for Tax Season

Tax season is upon us – and so are tax-related phishing scams designed to steal money and sensitive information.

During tax season, scammers may pose as the IRS, tax preparation software providers, or other tax-related organizations. They may send you emails or texts asking for your personal and financial information, claiming there is an issue with your tax return or offering a refund. These attacks are particularly dangerous because they tend to target sensitive information. They can give cybercriminals direct access to an individual’s or an organization’s money. Tax-related phishing could affect both business and personal accounts so it’s important to stay vigilant.

Remember these tips that apply to both business and personal accounts:

  • Know your tax agency’s and tax preparer’s email policies. Most will not initiate contact via email and ask you to provide sensitive information or download anything.
  • Act quickly if you suspect you’ve fallen for a tax-related phish. Contact the appropriate organizations and change any affected logins.
  • Don’t click links or call phone numbers in unsolicited emails. Always use a trusted contact, like an online bookmark or a phone number you have used before.

Republic Services maintains controls to help protect our networks and devices, but we also rely on you to help with our defense. If you believe that you have fallen for one of these taxes related scams at work or have questions, contact

Thank you for helping to keep our organization safe from cybercrime.

Be on high alert for phishing emails during tax season. Click here for some frequently asked questions that can help protect you from tax-related scams.