Customers Say Thank You Across Our Blue Nation

In last week’s video update, President Jon Vander Ark shared a few letters he’s received from customers over the past couple of weeks expressing gratitude to Republic and our people for doing a great job keeping our communities clean and supporting small businesses during this unprecedented time.

Every day, our Blue Nation inbox is full of good-news stories sent in by employees who are being recognized by our customers and communities.  As we continue to hear from all of you, we’ll keep posting these “thank you” stories and photos right here on Blue Nation. We know how uplifting and inspiring they are to all of us!

Visit our COVID-19 page regularly for stories from the field, as well as important announcements and updates to keep you informed.  And, if you have a great story or photo to share, email

Here are a few more examples of people going out of their way to say thank you to Republic Services for the work we’re doing: Go Republic!