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Customer Praises Driver David U. for Commitment to Safety

Safety is everything at Republic Services. It’s our top value and something we must all live every day. We want to give a big shout out to Driver David U. in Henderson, NV, for his commitment to keeping the community safe. In a letter of praise, a customer shared the following story about the actions David took to ensure the safety of others. Here’s an excerpt:

“Approximately 3 weeks ago, my two grandsons were visiting, ages 3 and 5. We live in a quiet neighborhood with little vehicular traffic. On this particular Saturday we were playing in the front of my home and the boys were running around and periodically a ball would roll into the street. A Republic Services truck pulled up in front of my house to do a normal pickup and having noticed the children running around proceeded to lean on his air horn to warn an approaching driver to slow down since the truck was blocking the driver’s view of the boys. Thankfully the boys were not in harm’s way, but accidents happen in a split second. I was incredibly impressed with this driver’s actions. I chalked it up to good training and/or great instincts. A very impressive young man on many levels.”

Thank you, David, for your focus and commitment to safety. As David illustrates, paying attention to your surroundings and your vehicle is key to being a safe driver.

In the photo above, David (on the right) is pictured with this supervisor Henry W.