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Countdown to Core Systems Modernization Go-Live!

We have some exciting changes on the horizon as we are about to Go-Live with our best technology platform yet! In April, we are on track to implement wave 1 of the Oracle platform and move from ePro and Lawson to Oracle Finance and Procurement. The shift to Oracle will streamline our Finance and Procurement systems, putting everything in one place.

Think about the people that this will benefit: Everyone in finance, anyone who purchases/receives anything, anyone who manages spend, anyone who looks at a P&L or other financial reports, as well as anyone who helps keep the Workday hierarchy up to date.

Here’s a look of some of the key changes:



From Lawson > To Oracle
From ePro > To Oracle
  • Streamlined Chart of Accounts
  • Better P&L Reporting
  • Strengthened controls via new workflow approvals
  • Ordering shortcuts
  • Smart product search
  • Integrated Purchasing Cards (P-Cards)

We know that change is hard. To help employees through the change, the “Mod Squad” is here to provide training and support for impacted teams at HQ and in the field. The Mod Squad will help ensure that everyone is informed of the implementation’s goals and progress, as well as gather feedback along the way.

Reach out to your Mod Squad representative with any questions or concerns. Click here for a list of Mod Squad Champions and Specialists by Area.

Ready, Set, Go Live!

Starting this week, weekly emails will be sent to all impacted teams. These emails will help users understand what to expect for training, get familiar with key changes, and be clear on what will be required to get ready for Go-Live.
To stay up-to-date on training and communication, be sure to check out the Core Systems Modernization Program Sharepoint site.