Corpus Christi Celebrates Dia de los Muertos (Photos!)

A big thanks to BU 212/BU 214 in Corpus Christi, Texas for sharing photos from their Day of the Dead Face Painting Contest. This is a great way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month!

These teams are entered to win lunch, complements of the Unidos BRG, as part of the Hispanic Heritage Month division challenge – to share, show up and celebrate your team’s Hispanic heritage.

Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15 – October 15, and there’s still time to plan your HHM activities. If your division has not yet hosting an activity to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, make a suggestion to your supervisor, GM or HR partner. Then submit your stories (with photos or videos) to or for a chance to win lunch for the entire division!

We celebrate and honor the contributions that the Latinx community has and continues to provide our society, and we use this month as an educational opportunity, a chance to share Latinx stories and our culture.