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Corporate Blood Drive a Big Success

Last week, in honor of Juneteenth and World Sickle Cell Awareness Day, over 30 employees donated blood at an American Red Cross blood drive held at Headquarters. Thank you to our donors and volunteers for making a difference! And a big shout out to Jim Olson, Vice President, Safety, for giving blood with a smile!

Sickle Cell Disease Facts

  • Someone with sickle cell disease may rely on regular blood transfusions throughout their life to help prevent sickle cell complications, such as organ and tissue damage, severe pain, and strokes.
  • An estimated 100,000 Americans of various racial and ethnic backgrounds have sickle cell disease, with the majority being from the Black community.
  • Blood from people of the same race or similar ethnicity is important in ensuring the best transfusion results, with the least potential reaction.