Coronavirus and Cyber Security

Emails with malicious links or request for sensitive data pose a great threat to companies. We need to be on guard against phishing and scam emails that are connected to the growing COVID-19 pandemic.

Timely reporting of suspicious emails is the best way for us to tackle potentially harmful cyber attacks and minimize any associated damage.

If you see a suspicious looking email, report it by clicking on the Report Phishing Button in Outlook. Our Cybersecurity Team will investigate reported emails as potential phishing attacks. There is no penalty for reporting a harmless email. But if the email is malicious, the intel you have provided will help Cybersecurity determine the attack’s source and prevent similar attacks on our organization.

To protect against cyber risks during the COVID-19 outbreak, be aware of the five signs that a coronavirus email is a Phish:

  1. Plays on fear and urgency
  2. Asks for credentials, personal or financial information
  3. Uses an unfamiliar greeting
  4. Has a sketchy email address
  5. Makes spelling or grammar errors

To learn more, see the infographic below provided by Cofense.