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Core Values Quiz Winners!

Thank you to everyone who aced our core values quiz. Congratulations to our lucky winners!

Shaun S., Ops Supervisor Hauling, Campbell, TX
Brian B., Fleet Maintenance Supervisor, Mt. Prospect, IL
Francis C., Recycling Auditor, Hazelwood, MO
Rodney S., Landfill Heavy Equipment Operator, Centerville, AL
Sandra M., Dispatcher, Santa Rosa, CA
Melodie M., Operations Clerk, Durham, NC

Keep an eye out for more contests coming soon!

Favorite Value and Why

We got such a great response when we asked employees to name the value that resonated most with them and why. Here are a few of the answers we received:

Being safe, going home to my family every night. – Logan R.

Committed to Serve. I have worked for Republic for 22yrs now and helping our customers in any way I can is what keeps me here.

All of them are inspiring, but Environmentally Responsible so I can assist and leave a better planet for my kids and future generations. – John W.

Driven! I am always driven to do the right thing! Always driven to be better and do better! – Kaitland R.

Human-Centered because we celebrate diversity, and all of our voices have value. It shows that we care as a company for each person and not a number. – Javi P.

To learn more about Republic’s values, click here.