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Congratulations Western Maryland ROAD-EO Winners!

Employees and their families enjoyed a day of fun and competition at the BU ROAD-EO held Sunday, September 18. There were 24 competitors in the following categories: Small Container, Side Load, Rear Load, Large Container and Collection Technician. Congratulations to the following winners!

First Place Winners – $1,000 Prize

Small Container: George H.

pictured with Supervisor Donnie T.

Side Load: Brian H.

pictured with Supervisor Zach C.

Rear-Load: Steven B.

pictured with Supervisor Jeff S.

Large Container: Ted L.

pictured with supervisor John D.

Collection Technician: Mike K.

pictured with Manager Mark H. and Winchester Ops Leadership

Second Place Winners – $750 Prize
Small Container Matt G.
Side Load Jody C.
Rear-Load Sam K.
Large Container Jimmy U.
Collection Technician Jeff S.
Third Place Winners – $500 Prize
Small Container Raymundo A.
Side Load Jackie G.
Rear-Load Joe J.
Large Container Jose T.
Collection Technician Scott S.