Congratulations Summer Safety Week Winners!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Blue Nation Online Summer Safety Week. We invited employees to visit every day for summer safety tips, videos, contests, games, and more! The participation and responses blew us away!  We heard from employees that the week of activities was a nice respite from the current hardships of the pandemic – and we especially heard from parents that the summer safety coloring page was a fun activity for their kids …

“My kids had a blast coloring - my youngest was jumping up and down with excitement!”

“My son enjoyed this activity.  Thank you for coming up with this for the holiday.”

“Thank you!  This was a fun project to break up the heaviness of current happenings.”

Thank you for the feedback and we promise to give you more fun and games (and prizes) in 2020! Be sure to make a favorite site and visit often to keep up with what’s happening across our Blue Nation.

Without further delay, here are the lucky winners!

Congratulations to the following Jumble winners (30 winners chosen at random) for showcasing your safety acumen and puzzle solving skills!

Samantha C., Florence, AZ
Gavin and Avery N., Crown Point, IN
Patrice S., Roosevelt, WA
Adam A., Phoenix, AZ
Barbara, B., Telford, PA
Stacy S., Telford, PA
Anthony L., Telford, PA
Robert F., Boyertown, PA
Kimberly K., Farmingdale, NJ
Mary H., West St. Paul, MN
Karin S., Anthem, AZ
Mia W., Memphis, TN
Melissa S., Grandville, MI
Kari F., Las Vegas, NV
Cathi F., Katy, TX
Priscilla F., Gastonia, NC
Somia N., Concord, NC
Jerome J., Gastonia, NC
Tyna E., Saint Louis, MO
Danny H., Page, AZ
Christine G., Lima, OH
Susan I., Saluda, VA
Lisa J., Concord, NC
Laurie C., Phoenix, AZ
Caitlin C., Charlotte, NC
Shelia L., Lexington, NC
Orlando R., Jr., Chicopee, MA
Johanna P., Fort Mill, NC
Chris R., Page, AZ
Kyla W., Staley, NC

Congratulations to the following Jumble winners (30 winners chosen at random) for showcasing your safety acumen and puzzle solving skills!

Michael T., Phoenix, AZ
Ryan M., Abilene, TX
Chris S., Phoenix, AZ
Maggie B., Frisco, TX
Brandon M., Sheffield Lake, OH
Renea A., Church Hill, TN
Ryan N., Dallas, TX
Maricruz and Ruben N.,
Apache Junction, AZ
Rebecca D., Church Hill, TN
Haley W., Detroit, MI
Brooklyn V., Corvallis, OR
Sandra Y., Corvallis, OR
Morgan S., Pineville, OR
Andrea P., Scottsdale, AZ
William W., Staley, NC
Tammy S., Lamar, MO
Anita D., Las Vegas, NV
Marisa C., Scottsdale, AZ
Amber B., Mocksville, NC
Jessica M., Phoenix, AZ
Hailey and Kylie W., Yuma, AZ
Julie Martin, J., MI
Ryan Hart, Cornell, IL
Chad Rose, Winona, TX
Shawn Martinez, Bullard, TX
Jesse Marco, Lewisville, TX
Krystal Hash, Breckenridge, TX
Calvin Williams, Garland, TX
Mathew H., Crestwood, IL
Danielle L., Grants Pass, OR
Vincent K., Phoenix, AZ
Jordyn C., Cranford, NJ
Kristina H., Little Elm, TX
Autumn O., Salem, OR
Steven B., Salem, OR
Michael Z., Golden Valley, MN
Cedrick W., Memphis, TN
Joshua B., Newmanstown, PA
Ore S., Blanchard, OK
Nicole F., Yorktown, VA
Riyana F., Belle Rose, LA
Ally and Thomas M., Leland, MS
Summer and Jaycee G., Lewisville, TX
Sarah J., Wellton, AZ
Devin Y., Roosevelt, WA
Araceli O., Canyon, TX
Tom R., Houston, TX
Weston R., Winona, TX
Samaura F., Longview, TX
Mary H., Elkhart, IN
Jason N., Crown Point, IN
Phillip B., Crown Point, IN
Anthony B., Munster, IN
Jerrod K., Momence, IL
Melissa Ann T., Romeoville, IL
Dave D., Brook, IN
Matt N., Melrose Park, IL
Lance G., Blaine, MN
Tiffnee J., Racine, WI
Nathan P., Rice Lake, WI

Please note that prizes will take a few weeks for delivery. (Due to COVID-19, the order is taking a little longer than expected.)