Community Star Rachele K., Northwest

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Get to know Rachele

Q.  How long have you been with Republic?
A.  15 years

Q.  Can you share a little more on your personal connection or passion for Children’s Home Society of Idaho?
A.  I have been a child advocate for over 12 years. I believe we are all stronger when we take care of our most vulnerable community members. I often think of how wonderful our world would be if each of us assumed a duty of stewardship for every child. The Children’s Home primarily offers counseling to kids in foster care. Often, the only people on the planet that can understand the abuse or neglect that put these kids in foster care is their siblings and they are often split up in the foster care system. Counseling is a constructive way to healing and learning healthy coping skills. I can share a hundred success stories of kids who have overcome the odds with no money, but a kind counselor standing with them. I donate a little from each paycheck to help the kids I’ve met at the Children’s Home, and the hundreds I will never meet. The Children’s Home never turns a child away – ever. I will always support the Children’s Home, just as others before me have supported their good work.

Q.  What is something people may not know about you?
A.  I single-handedly passed a needle exchange legislation in Idaho. Not one person besides me testified and today there are multiple safe syringe exchange programs operating – directly reducing the number of HIV and HepC cases here in Idaho. Additionally, I recently finished a 4-year program in Theology.

Q.  Tell us about some of your hobbies or interests?
A.  Outside of work, I enjoy backpacking and horseback riding.

Q.  I am my best self at work and outside work when _________.
A.  … I am vacuuming!