Committed to Serve at Prairie View Landfill

Pictured top row: David G., Adam M., Chuck G., Tammy S., and Cody H. Bottom row: Derrick B., Mike K., Virgil T., Brandon W., Linda R., Randy G., Troy M., Craig A., and Kurt B.

Employees at Prairie View Landfill in Lamar, MO, have a lot to celebrate. On May 6, the team, led by General Manager Kurt B. and Ops Manager Chuck G., commemorated a remarkable safety record of 11 years accident and injury free!

In celebration of their longevity of safe practices, employees enjoyed their weekly Committed to Serve lunch from local restaurant Tractors BBQ. The team also posed for a group photo with their new Cat 836K Compactor.

“Employees at Prairie View Landfill are Committed to Serve and it shows with their many years of providing great customer service to our landfill customers. I appreciate the hard work and commitment from everyone on the team and for their many years of service and safe practices. Great job!” - Kurt B., General Manager