Chriss Angel’s Family Visits Southern Nevada Recycling Center

Chriss Angel, magician/illusionist at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, reached out to our Southern Nevada team and explained that his 6-year-old son Johnny Crisstopher, has been battling leukemia and has been in and out of the hospital since March. He was ready to get back out into the world, but COVID-19 has presented challenges for school and regular things a 6-year-old enjoys doing. Johnny Crisstopher loves seeing the recycle truck come by his house and has always been curious about what happens to the recycling material.

Our team invited the family on a tour to see we do at the Southern Nevada Recycling Center. Thanks to  Operations Manager Rob T. and General Manager Curtis M. for giving this family a day to remember!  To top off the tour, Johnny Crisstopher and his younger brother were given uniforms so they can show their Republic pride when our route trucks roll by their house.