Celebrating Women’s History Month, Week 3

As we continue our celebration of Women’s History Month, this week, we’re featuring Lenny T. Lenny has been with Republic for over three years and was recently promoted from collection truck technician to maintenance supervisor in our Orlando, FL hauling division.

When someone asks what Lenny does for a living, she says, “I work on trucks in the waste industry. Yes, that’s right, trash trucks. Sure, sometimes it’s smelly, but my job is fun and challenging – I love it!”

Lenny’s favorite part about her job is the investigative process. She loves troubleshooting an issue or problem with the truck, then figuring out how to fix it. That’s what makes her so good at her job. It’s also what helped her make it to the 2019 ROAD-EO National Championship in Phoenix, AZ, as the first female technician to compete.

“I am grateful for all the opportunities I have through Republic Services. When I look back three years ago, I realize just how far I have come and how much I have learned. I thank my managers and supervisors for the opportunities for different types of training and learning experiences that help me continue to grow.”

Lenny is very close with her mom and grandmother, who are two women who have most influenced and inspired her throughout her life.

When Lenny’s not working on trucks, she loves to go diving, mountain biking, golfing and racing cars and go-karts. She is also musically gifted – Lenny plays the guitar, piano and drums!

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