Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

During Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15th- October 15th), the UNIDOS business resource group (BRG) is inviting our divisons to take part in a little friendly competition. The contest is optional, but we encourage as much participation as possible.

Hispanic Heritage Month is an opportunity to share and show off your team’s Hispanic heritage. Examples of ways to engage with your coworkers during HHM:

  • Organize a potluck with Hispanic cuisine or a Hispanic cooking demo
  • Host lunch and learn to share Hispanic traditions
  • Plan an onsite Latin dance lesson or activity
  • Suggest a Hispanic movie, local musician or band
  • Support a local Hispanic owned business or restaurant
  • Schedule a Spanish language lesson

Is your division doing anything to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month yet? Make a suggestion to your supervisor or GM!

Then submit your story (with photos or videos) to UNIDOSbrg@republicservices.com for a chance to win lunch for the entire division!

At Republic Services, we celebrate and honor the contributions that the Latinx community has and continues to provide our society. We want to use this as an educational opportunity, a chance to share Latinx stories, recipes and our culture.

Educational resources to get you started: