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Celebrating 60 Employees in South Georgia Decade Club

The BU 252 Decade Club celebrates 60 employees who have been with Republic Services for 10 years or more!

“Republic Services is committed to providing a work environment that is supportive and Human-Centered. Here at BU 252 South Georgia, that is exactly what guides our actions and decisions every day! This can be illustrated by our retention rate of employees who have been with the Company for well over a decade, with almost 30% of our workforce falling into that category,” said Amie V., Operations Manager.

Amie took the time to ask Decade Club employees a few questions about their drive and motivation.

Who helped you most during your career and how?

“A co-worker who had a good work ethic always pushed me to work harder and be better.”- Sinclair A., 34 years of service  

“My manager always told me the truth and took the time to explain things to me.” – Rodney W., 23 years of service  

“My Driver Trainer really took the time to show me how to perform my job and explain the benefits of working here.” Kim W., 12 years of service 

What keeps you coming back to Republic Services every day?

“The people. I love how we all get along and have a great time together, but still get our work done.” – Sherrie D., 16 years of service  

“Republic Services is a good company and takes care of us. They give us plenty of PTO and show appreciation.”- Britt W., 10 years of service

“I truly enjoy what I do. I like helping my drivers and knowing I can try to make things easier on them.” – Craig R., 14 years of service  

What is your favorite thing about your job?

“I enjoy making my customers happy. Many of them wave at me while I am servicing them.” – Tony M., 12 years of service

“I like to fix trucks.”- Mike B., 15 years of service  

“I like interacting with my co-workers and customers each day. They are all good people.” – Nancy T., 14 years of service  

How have you remained safe for so many years?

“I don’t bring personal stuff to work. I focus on one task at a time.” – Charles H., 12 years of service

“By following the Smith System every time, and always making it personal.”- Justin V., 13 years of service

“Always anticipate the absolute worst situation but hope for the best.”- Jim B., 24 years of service

Over the years, how did you handle challenging times and remain positive?

“I have a great work ethic, so I know if I just kept pushing, I would outlast the tough times.” – Rodney W., 23 years of service  

“Republic is a great company. They took care of us during 9/11, Covid, the 2008 economic downturn, and hurricanes. You must hang in there.” – Mike M., 26 years of service

“I remind myself that each challenge is only temporary, and I know I would overcome it.”- Rhonda L., 11 years of service  

A Big Shout Out to BU 252 Decade Club Members

Grantley A.
Peggy C.
McKiver G.
Franklin J.
Bryson M.
Ricky S.
Sinclair A.
Charles D.
Earl G.
Bart K.
Archie M.
Jonathan T.
Earl A.
Jeffery D.
Thomas G.
Ronald K.
Richard M.
Gregory T.
James B.
Eugene D.
Charles H.
Earline L.
Paul P.
Nancy T.
Denise B.
James D.
Lee H.
Shawn L.
Eric P.
Amie V.
James B.
Sherrie D.
Steve H.
Denise L.
Kevin P.
Justin V.
Mike B.
Chris Frost
Joe H.
Rhonda L.
Derek P.
Rodney W.
Leroy C.
Elizabeth G.
Gary H.
Rodney M.
Craig R.
Anthony W.
Teresa C.
Tommy G.
Roland H.
Anthony M.
Colleen S.
Kimberly W.
Marvin C.
Juan G.
Jason J.
Mike M.
James S.
John W.