Catharine Ellingsen and Board Members Attend NACD NXT Recognition Gala

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Catharine Ellingsen and Board Members Attend NACD NXT Recognition Gala

[/av_textblock] [av_textblock size='16' font_color='' color='' av-medium-font-size='' av-small-font-size='' av-mini-font-size='' admin_preview_bg=''] Republic Services and our Board of Directors were recognized by the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) at the NACD NXT Gala, an annual awards program that distinguishes exemplary board leadership practices that promote greater inclusion and diversity throughout the organization.

The NACD NXT Gala took place on September 23 in Washington, DC. Catharine Ellingsen, EVP, Chief Legal Officer, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer and Corporate Secretary, along with directors Jennifer Kirk, Ray Rodriguez and Katharine Weymouth represented Republic Services.

Inclusion and diversity are critically important to Republic Services and to the Board. Our Board is comprised of members representing diverse backgrounds, skills, experiences and perspective. In addition, Republic’s Board is made up of 33% women and over half of the directors are diverse based on race and ethnicity.

Our Board’s inclusion and diversity advocacy goes beyond the directors themselves. Republic’s Board plays a critical role in our recruitment strategy, which is focused on attracting a diverse pool of candidates for every role. And, under the Board’s leadership, we continue to strengthen our efforts to foster an inclusive and diverse culture and build composite strength at every level of the organization.

“At Republic Services, people are our most valuable asset. We believe that an engaged, inclusive and diverse workforce — one where our employees use their unique experiences and backgrounds to drive change, differentiation and innovation — is essential to our success. Although Republic did not win, we are honored to be recognized as one of the nine finalists in the large-cap category,” Ellingsen said.

Learn more about NACD and view the NXT Gala winners here.
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