BU ROAD-EO Recap: Southern Nevada

On September 12, 28 drivers and 9 technicians went head to head in a competition for the opportunity to represent the Southern Nevada market in the upcoming ROAD-EO National Championship in Phoenix, AZ. Drivers and technicians were put through a series of tests in order to showcase their skills and abilities behind the wheel or behind the wrench.

Congratulations to the following winners!

Front-Load Rear-Load Side-Load Roll-Off Collection Technician
1st – Erik R.
2nd – Alfredo M.
3rd – Mario B.
1st – Sean W.
2nd – Mari S.
3rd – Roberto T.
1st – Juan E.
2nd – Leo M.
3rd – Richard P.
1st – Sal U.
2nd – Noe V.
3rd – Brian M.
1st – John S.
2nd – Angel P.
3rd – Dave L.


Winners will advance to the Area Level, with a chance to compete at the ROAD-EO National Championship in Phoenix, AZ, Dec. 5 – 8, 2021.

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