Bringing the Power of Teams Meetings into Video Conference Rooms

If you use Microsoft Teams, you know how easy it is to schedule meetings and chat with your colleagues. Now, we are bringing MS Teams to all of our video conference rooms across the company. This is one more way Republic Services is making it simple to collaborate effectively and help you in your daily work life.

We understand that many of us at Headquarters and our CRCs are working remotely and not using actual, physical conference rooms these days. So, this change might not apply to you until you return to the office. However, if you are currently using video conference rooms, please note that video conference calls in these rooms will be exclusive to MS Teams and will no longer support WebEx. However, you can still use WebEx for audio-only sessions in the conference rooms.

Important! If you currently have recurring video conference calls set up in a video conference room, you will need to cancel this series of meetings and reschedule them using MS Teams, instead of WebEx.

Meetings Simplified!

Scheduling a video conference call in a video conference room is easy! Simply use Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Teams to invite your conference room to a meeting just as easily as inviting your colleagues. To learn more about scheduling, starting and joining a video conference call in a conference room, please refer to this Job Aid.