BRG Spotlight: Women of Republic

Women of Republic is the Company’s first BRG, which was established in 2018.

The BRG’s Vision: To create an inclusive culture that attracts, retains, develop and values female talent throughout the organization.

The BRG’s Mission: To enhance personal and professional growth by working collaboratively to drive enterprise value.

Women of Republic’s objectives:

  • Increase the level of female engagement through cross-functional contributions to visibly improve business results.
  • Execute the Company strategy through networking, the exchange of ideas, best practices and innovative approaches to address meaningful business opportunities.
  • Drive Republic’s vision and core values.
  • Use mentorship and sponsorship to identify, nurture and promote female leaders.
  • Play a vital role in Republic’s recruitment and retention efforts by offering women a sense of community and belonging.

In 2021, the Women of Republic will work on community involvement projects, as well as internal projects geared toward improving our business, contributing to our hiring and retention functions, and shining a light on the contributions made by some of our amazing women employees at all levels of the company.

Thank you to our Women of Republic leaders:
Executive Sponsor: Catharine E.
Chair: Elizabeth H.
Vice Chair: Tracy C.

To learn more about Republic’s BRGs and join, visit select the RSG-Diverst icon.


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