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Boy’s Dream Come True in Salinas, CA

For the past two years, our team in Salinas, CA, has been hearing about a little boy named Lucas who is obsessed with our trucks and drivers. His family rearranges their work schedules weekly to make sure they can take Lucas out almost every Monday, Thursday and Friday to follow our trucks. Rain or shine, you can spot Lucas and his little brother Oliver running up and down the sidewalk following the drivers while they are on route.

Last week was Lucas’ 4th birthday and he asked for a Republic Services themed birthday party. Originally his mom reached out to Christina U., Community Relations Manager, to request a couple of items to use at his party. “Once we got talking and I realized Lucas’ level of enthusiasm, I spoke to our team, and we decided to make his birthday extra special. With his favorite three drivers, Joseph, Moises, and Roberto on board, we planned to surprise him during his weekly service.”

Lucas’ mother expressed her gratitude for all Christina and the team did to make this a birthday to remember:

“I am truly grateful for the experience that my son, and well honestly, our whole family was able to have today. There is nothing better than seeing your child’s dream come true. He was in shock while you were all here but afterwards, he would not stop talking about it. My heart is full! – Valentina V.

We love our little fans. Thank you to Christina and team for going above and beyond in your community!