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Boston Team Saves 125 Pairs of Sneakers From Landfill

Our Environmental Solutions team in Boston collected 125 pairs of old sneakers in 2022, proudly putting Sustainability in Action. Instead of being bound for a landfill, the shoes will be recycled and used to resurface courts and playgrounds.

Team members collected the sneakers as part of Nike’s Re-Use-A-Shoe recycling program. This is the third year that the team has participated in this program, collecting a total of 234 pairs of shoes since 2019.

Nike either donates the old shoes to nonprofit partners to help people facing disasters and other challenging circumstances, or recycles the sneakers to make “Nike Grind,” which is turned into park benches, sports fields, playgrounds, and more.

Way to go, team! A special shout out to Office Coordinator Kerri C. for sharing this story!

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