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Being Human-Centered During Times of Change

From Catharine Ellingsen, EVP, Chief Legal Officer, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer

As we continue to integrate as one team, it’s important to remain focused on our core values: Safe, Committed to Serve, Environmentally Responsible, Driven, and Human-Centered. These values are the pillars of our culture and are a part of every decision we make as an organization. While all our values are equally important and deserve attention, I’d like to focus on our fifth value, “Human-Centered.”

Being Human-Centered means respecting the dignity and unique potential of every employee. This value is at the heart of everything we do for our teams, our communities, and each other. Living the value of Human-Centered truly comes down to treating everyone around us with respect. It’s respecting different perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences; understanding we may have different opinions but that we all want what’s best for the Company and each other.

There’s no better time to practice being Human-Centered than in times of change. This gives us the opportunity to learn from each other, rather than point out our differences. When faced with challenges, especially with new teams, try being aware of the way you communicate with others. The tone of your voice and your body language can change what you intend to express. If you’re feeling stressed or frustrated, remember to take a deep breath before you speak to make sure you communicate respectfully.

Being Human-Centered also means practicing active listening by not interrupting others and truly hearing what they say before you respond. It also means seeking to understand. We do this by asking questions and getting information before reaching conclusions or making assumptions. As coworkers, we assume good intent and believe everyone is doing the best they can. Showing each other a bit of grace in times of change can make a world of difference.

As we move forward as a unified team, please remain focused on the importance of our values. If you see or suspect misconduct from another employee, a vendor, or anyone else … please speak up. Share your concerns with your supervisor, another member of management, your HR Partner, the Legal Department, or the Ethics & Compliance team. Our confidential AWARE Line is also a great option for reporting concerns anonymously. No matter how you choose to communicate, please know that your voice matters, and you can speak up without fear of retaliation.

And remember, please always keep your Code of Business Ethics and Conduct (“Code”) handy as a resource to help you understand expectations and know where to go for assistance and questions. Thank you for your commitment to living our values for a more sustainable, ethical world.