Midwest Sales Award Winners

The Midwest Area has created a new recognition program this year for their sales team. Congratulations to the following Q2 Midwest Top Achievers!!

The Shield Award – Highest Secured Rate
Brenda G., BU 327
Jonathon N., BU 315
Jessica B., BU 327
Small Container Hero – Most Small Containers Sold
Yadi R., BU 315
Dana H., BU 315
Emmaleigh B., BU 328
Heavy Hitter – Largest Revenue Account Sold
Dana H., BU 315
Angie M., BU 325
Jeff H., BU 310
Top Defender – Least Amount 0f Revenue Lost
Gabriela V., BU 321
Jorae G., BU 317
Donnie D., BU 327
The Promoter – Most Product Sales
(Electronic Recycling & Bulb Recycling)
Tanya W., BU 323
Brenda G., BU 327
James B., BU 324
Hard Hat Award – Construction Account Manager
with Highest Goal Achievement
Lynda W., BU 310
Betsy K., BU 323
Noe V., BU 324