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Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month: Employee Spotlight

At Republic Services, we respect the unique perspectives that our employees, like Reagan C., bring to work.

“Being an Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI), or specifically Chinese-American, has given me the opportunity to see things from both cultures. It is important to understand Chinese American or AAPI is not one single group, but it is a mixture of wonderful cultures coming together to be a part of this country, this United States of America. So much has been shaped by my parents, family, friends and my Chinese heritage, but also by my American culture. I am very proud of my Chinese heritage, but I am also proud to be an American. My favorite part about being a person of multi-culture: being able to help those that are in similar situations as I am, and it is a unifying feeling. To be able to see things from both perspectives will continue to guide my path to be a better person and guide others in need.”- Reagan C., Recycling Coordinator

Did You Know?

1785: First Chinese Arrived in the United States

In 1785, the sailing ship Pallas arrived in Baltimore with 3 Chinese sailors aboard—the earliest documented arrivals from China to the United States. Within the next 3 years, Chinese carpenters and smiths were living in a settlement on Vancouver Island on the opposite coast. Throughout the early 1800s, additional Chinese immigrants trickled into the country, including students, sailors, businessmen, servants, and laborers.