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Super Bowl LVIII is right around the corner and the excitement isn’t only about who’s playing. This year is extra special because it’s being held in Las Vegas, where Republic Services’ very first Polymer Center is open and in operation.

Bottles, cans, and other recyclables from Allegiant Stadium will come to Republic Services for recycling. Plastics from our recycling center will eventually find their way to our Polymer Center to be shredded and washed or sorted into color-specific bales. These will then be shipped off to manufacturers to create new bottles and packaging.

Even if you’re not in Las Vegas, there are some things you can do to enjoy the game sustainably. Check out some tips and tricks on how to make sustainability the focus on game day.

  •  MVP: Most Valuable Plastics: Don’t be fooled by the misconceptions surrounding plastics recycling. Hard plastic containers like water bottles, milk jugs and plastic takeout containers are entirely recyclable if they’re Empty, Clean and Dry. Just remember to keep plastic bags and food wrappers on the bench.
  • Have a can-do, winning attitude: Aluminum is forever recyclable. In fact, recycling just one aluminum can save enough energy to run a TV for two hours!  These should be emptied and dried before tossing into the recycling bin.
  • The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat: Win or lose, make sure you have a game plan for your empty glass bottles. Recycled glass can be remade into bottles and jars. Check with your local recycling provider first to see if glass recycling is available in your area.

Whether you’re rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs or the San Francisco 49ers, you can score a big win by recycling properly.