Republic Makes Big Commitment to Electric Trucks

August 10th, 2020

Republic Services has made the waste industry’s first large-scale commitment to fleet electrification, announcing a partnership with Nikola Corp. to develop and purchase 2,500 electric collection trucks.

“This partnership significantly accelerates Republic Services’ progress in fleet innovation to drive profitable growth, reduce emissions, enhance customer loyalty and create long-term shareholder value,” said Jon Vander Ark, president. “We expect to realize significant operating cost savings and environmental benefits from these trucks, and we are confident that our customers, communities and employees will benefit from our bold commitment.”

The zero-emissions vehicles, which will have a range of 150 miles and recharge overnight, are expected to be integrated into Republic Services’ fleet beginning in 2023. The deal is expandable to 5,000 vehicles over the life of the agreement.

Among the many anticipated benefits of fleet electrification are instant torque, no idling, regenerative braking, up to 90 percent lower emissions on a per-mile basis and quieter operation in neighborhoods, as well as significantly lower maintenance costs.

Read the press release here.