Annual Compost Giveaway a Big Success in Lafayette, CA

Republic Services and RecycleSmart hosted a Compost Giveaway last weekend, coinciding with the end of International Compost Awareness Week. Thanks to our team for digging in and helping residents fill their containers with free compost from Republic’s Forward Compost Facility in Manteca. See photos of this Earth-friendly event below!

Organics Trivia

  1. Republic Services was the 2020 Organics Recycler of the Year. True or False.
  1. What materials make up organics recycling?
    a. Food and yard waste
    b. Nonhazardous solid waste
    c. Packaging from organic foods
    d. Birkenstocks
  1. How can food and yard waste be recycled? (2 possible correct answers)
    a. Into leftovers
    b. Into compost
    c. Into renewable energy
    d. Into casserole
  1. How many compost facilities does Republic Services have?
    a. 3
    b. 7
    c. 11
    d. 20
  1. Why is organics recycling an important part of Republic Services’ business?
    a. It will help us meet our sustainability goal
    b. It will help customers meet their diversion goals
    c. It’s a good growth opportunity
    d. All of the above
Answers: 1. True; 2. Food and yard waste; 3. Into compost and into renewable energy; 4. 11; 5. All of the above.