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Act and Report Phishing Emails: Here’s How

Cyberattacks are an ongoing concern, as recent headlines remind us. Attacks include phishing emails designed to trick you into visiting malicious sites or downloading malware used to steal your data and damage the Company’s networks. To enhance Republic’s cybersecurity, the cybersecurity team has been conducting phishing campaigns (simulated examples of real phishing emails) this past year that will continue into 2023.

As the cybersecurity team continues efforts to protect employees from cyber threats, you are encouraged to act and report phishing emails sent to your work email.

Recognizing and reporting phishing emails is important because it adds an extra layer of defense between you and cybercriminals.

Here are common tips to keep in mind with all emails you receive:

  1. Verify the sender’s email address
  2. Check for typos and weird email formatting
  3. Verify the hyperlinks in the email are legitimate (never click on a hyperlink that appears suspicious to you)
  4. Never open suspicious email attachments

If you have identified a phishing email at work, click the ‘Report Phishing’ icon in the Menu Ribbon and you will be get a confirmation once finished.

You can also click the ‘Report Suspicious’ button in the banner that states “This Message is From an External Sender” and you will be get a confirmation to ‘Report Phishing.’

We maintain controls to help protect the Company’s networks and devices, but we also rely on you to help with our defense. If you believe that you have fallen for a phishing scam at work or have questions, contact

Thank you for helping to keep our organization safe from cybercrime.